Countdown to AMPlify Countdown

2016 Lineup

Bernie Borges


Chad Abbott


Douglas Jensen

Social Media Marketing Manager

Robert Wilson

Senior Manager

Joel Leeman

Social Media Manager

Tyler Culbertson

Social Media Marketing Manager

Samantha Jorgensen

Social Media Strategist

Piyush Prem

Senior Social Media Specialist

Gabe Villamizar

Social Selling Director

Kristy Sundjaja

Global Head of People

Jason Burrows

CEO & Chief Thinker

Jen McClure


Jason Nochlin

Co-Founder and VP of Product Development

Jenny Frazier

Social Media Lead

Janet Britcher

‎Executive Coach

Jason White

VP of SEO and Social Media

Elizabeth Clor

Senior Director of Content Marketing

Sandy Adam

Manager of Social Media Marketing

Shel Holtz


Glenn Gaudet

President & Founder

Tony Zayas

Director of eCommerce Solutions & Marketing Manager

Skeeter Harris

Social Media & Community Engagement Manager

Douglas Spencer



AMPlify is the world’s first and only event addressing the unique challenges associated with employee and partner engagement. AMPlify brings together social media marketing professionals and Gaggle Managers from across a diverse group of enterprise organizations that are actively engaging stakeholders such as employees, partners and other constituents with social media and online marketing amplification.

At AMPlify, you will hear from leading practitioners on how to engage stakeholders and on how they are leveraging their stakeholder communities. As GaggleAMP’s flagship event, you will also get hands-on Manager training on best practices around using GaggleAMP’s solutions. Come learn, contribute to the discussion and learn new strategies that can help you take your stakeholder engagement to the next level.

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