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donald jones

Donald Jones

Lead Associate & Social Technologist

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Shifting Tides: How Booz Allen Transformed a 100+ Year Old Company to Empower Employees

At Booz Allen, everything begins and ends with employees. They needed them to feel connected to a collective purpose and share the company story. This was easier said than done. The majority of their employees work within the Department of Defense or Intelligence Community—making them highly risk-averse, difficult to reach during business hours, and not social media savvy.

Learn how Booz Allen developed a comprehensive approach as a part of their overall employee engagement strategy to get employees smart on social media, educate them on how to safely and effectively talk about work online, and provide them a tool to make it easy for them to do so. 

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How Booz Allen shifted employee social media culture from ‘risk averse’ to ‘safe sharing’
  • The mix of training and educational resources Booz Allen used to meet the diverse needs of a large employee and leadership base
  • How to leverage employee advocacy tools to reach dispersed employees and make sharing easy and safe
Steven Dickens

Global Offering Manager


Engaging your experts to spread the word!

Clients are increasingly growing weary of how social channels are becoming push-based marketing mechanisms, where they are seen as adding the same value as billboard advertising.  In an overcrowded Twittersphere, people are gravitating towards subject matter experts as a trusted source of knowledge and experience and are keen to hear from the fountain of the knowledge rather than the company push-based Twitter id. This session will cover how one of IBM's most prominent subject matter experts is engaging clients and driving meaningful engagement.  This session will cover first-hand hints and tips from an SME who is not a marketer or social media lead.  The session will also cover how IBM is driving social media advocacy platforms to drive top-line revenue.

kelsey kruzel

Kelsey Kruzel

Manager, Social Media

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Making the Impossible Possible: Proving Social ROI for B2B

Proving the ROI for social is a hard-enough challenge, throw in complex sales cycles in B2B and it seems like an impossible task. However, it IS possible to generate leads and social actions that result in a real, trackable return for your business. What’s better, is that you CAN track that return. Kelsey will walk you through how she built a process that can track value back to single posts or action.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate the value of social conversions
  • The tools and processes you need to track ROI
  • How you leverage that information to make informed decisions that continue to move the needle