Ramin Edmond By Ramin Edmond • April 30, 2018

A Fresh Perspective on Employee Advocacy

Every good marketing strategy needs a little bit of everything knit together with purpose. Employee advocacy is just one of those tools that can bring new purpose and drive to your company's marketing efforts. Kelsey Kruzel, Social Media Manager at CDK Global, took her experience in tying together strategy and creativity to bring employee advocacy to her company. She structured the program with a focus on social media and brought everyone on board through a strategic plan that emphasized ROI, education and a company-wide cultural shift. She shares her story and tricks of the trade in her chat with Glenn Gaudet on this episode of AMPlify.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build a case for employee advocacy to share with your company’s leadership.
  • Why you have to set goals with your program that align with the overall business goals.
  • What tactics to explore for measuring success.
  • How social media can help you to expand and drive more valuable leads.
  • How to shift your company culture to accept employee advocacy tools and use them to their full advantage.
  • The advantage of an opt-in pilot for building social selling and employee advocacy programs, and how to identify the people who might be your first to get on board.

Connect with Kelsey on Twitter @kelseyruz or on LinkedIn, or email her at Kelsey.kruzel@cdk.com

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