Ramin Edmond By Ramin Edmond • April 12, 2018

Empowering Your Front Line Through Socialization, Education and Training

Consistency is a key aspect of everything you do in your business.

At the corporate level, you have to be sure your messaging is consistent in every department but especially at the front lines. On this episode, host Glenn Gaudet chats with Henry Bruce, the senior vice president of marketing for Contently, a content marketing platform that brings story telling into brands.  Henry shares his secrets to navigating what he calls "the communications waterfall" inside your company and explains how to overcome resistance at any level when navigating the choppy waters of changing your brand messaging.

Listen to the Podcast Below

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why the employees are your front line when it comes to messaging and communication with your customers.
  • What the “communications waterfall” is and why it’s important.
  • How to get people to buy into the messaging, and how that translates into employee advocacy.
  • Why you need to have a strategic message, not just a tactical one.
  • How to overcome resistance at any level when making a change and getting your employees engaged.
  • Who to focus your efforts on when it comes to employee engagement.

Connect with Henry at hbruce@contently.com or LinkedIn.

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