Ramin Edmond By Ramin Edmond • May 14, 2018

Finding Passion and Purpose in Employee Advocacy

You might be wondering if an employee advocacy program is right for you. What if your company doesn’t allow employees to use social media? Or even invest time in it for promotional purposes? Our guest today encountered both of these road blocks at his company. Donald Jones, Lead Associate and Lead Digital Strategist at Booz Allen Hamilton had an uphill battle when it came to implementing an employee advocacy program. However, with a strategic plan of action that included guidelines and lots of training, his company saw great success. Donald talks in depth about the techniques Booz Allen Hamilton implemented in this interview with host Glenn Gaudet.

Listen to the Podcast Below

What You’ll Learn:

  • How you can define employee advocacy so that it fits the needs of your company.
  • Why you should establish guidelines and policies to guide how your employees talk about work on social media.
  • What you could do to develop a content strategy to make sharing easy for you employees.
  • Why aligning priorities is key.
  • How training plays a crucial role in a successful employee advocacy program.
  • Why you need to make a point to highlight how employees can benefit personally from being an advocate for your company.
  • What metrics to use to gauge the success of your program.

Connect with Donald on Twitter @oleandros or LinkedIn.

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