Ramin Edmond By Ramin Edmond • August 2, 2018

Incorporating Employee Advocacy in Your Content Marketing Strategy

While much of the discussion around employee advocacy rightly focuses on program roll-out and adoption, it is equally important to focus on what content you will distribute through your employee channels.  Ensuring that relevant and personalized messages are being provided to the right people at the right time is a great way to make the most of both your content marketing strategy and employee advocacy program.  This is exactly what Casey Hall, head of social media business communications with Thompson Reuters, discussed on stage at AMPlify 2018.  Let’s hear what he had to share on developing a content strategy for employee advocacy programs based on his experience with Thompson Reuters.

Listen to the Podcast Below:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you should use multiple content streams tailored to various employee types and their audiences.
  • How to determine the proper tone and expertise level for content.
  • Why subject matter experts may require much more technical content to effectively engage their audiences.
  • Why higher-level messaging (and what that is) will better resonate with executives.
  • How to use a strategic, iterative approach for employee advocacy and content strategy just as you would for any other marketing and communications program.

Connect with Casey on LinkedIn or on Twitter @CaseyHall_.

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