Ramin Edmond By Ramin Edmond • February 20, 2018

Relationships, Story and Engagement

Scott Bardell has been a consistent innovator in the public relations and marketing space.  As the President and Founder of Idea Grove, he helps clients reach media and buyers by pushing the envelope through the power of employee advocacy.  In this discussion with host Glenn Gaudet, Scott shares his unique perspective on public relations, ways to build those crucial PR relationships and the best places to focus your time an energy to maximize results.

Listen to the Podcast Below

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Scott sees PR as a cycle between relationship, story and engagement.
  • How you need to understand the people/journalists you are interested in to promote your company in order to better strengthen those relationships
  • How you are missing a big opportunity by not practicing employee advocacy
  • What to share.  And nope, it isn’t just the things that are about you or your client
  • It’s about quality audiences AND quality content; has to be curated and thoughtful
  • The importance of thinking always in terms of what’s good for the audience
  • The secret to success is starting small and roll things out gradually

Connect with Scott on Twitter at www.ideagrove.com.

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