Stephen Spector

Sr. Director Digital Marketing

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Practical Approach to Launching New Channels with Employee Advocacy

In this talk, Stephen will present the strategy behind the launch of new corporate social media channels on LinkedIn and Twitter while leveraging the extended reach of our employee advocates via their established social networks. Specific tactical examples and results will be shown to demonstrate the advantages of employee advocacy as part of our overall social media strategy.

In this session you'll learn:

  • The Value of Content Type, Format and Selected Social Channel
  • Engaging with the Employee Advocates for Continued Support and Awareness of the Initiative
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Jesse Sumrak

Social Media Manager


From Inspiration to IPO and Beyond — Scaling Communications and Social Media

Startups, growth stage and public companies are universally challenged by the need to communicate with audiences effectively. Done well, and their messages engage their audiences, build and protect their brand, and drive employee engagement. From winning over a frustrated customer on Twitter to building a digital signage program and launching an intranet, this session will educate and inform attendees on how to scale corporate communications from the startup phase through the career-defining moments of the IPO process and beyond.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Building a communications team to scale with company demands.
  • Using organic social media and employee advocacy programs to effectively reach and engage with broader audiences.
  • Learning to leverage a variety of channels to communicate internally and drive employee engagement.

Five Companies. Five Employee Advocacy Programs. Five Levels of Success.

Let's talk about each of the implementations and what made each more (or less) successful in the overview of five. What is the goal of an advocacy program? For employees or customers? Is employee advocacy a social amplification method to get more buzz for your brand? What can you do when the program is clearly not working? What happens when it scales and the leaderboard is blowing up? How do you recognize achievement from the different internal audiences such as Engineering, Product, Sales?

In this session you'll learn:

  • Building a communications team to scale with company demands
  • Using organic social media and employee advocacy programs to effectively reach and engage with broader audiences
  • Learning to leverage a variety of channels to communicate internally and drive employee engagement

Greg Mooney

Sr. Content Manager


Partnering with Thought Leaders to Amplify Your Content

If you’re managing and creating content to drive traffic to your website, SEO and posting content to social media will only go so far. To rise above the noise and push the needle with your blog and website, you need to not only build content that is engaging and useful to your prospective audience, but you also need to leverage thought leaders in your space.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to find and recruit the right thought leaders to partner with on content
  • Tips and tricks for getting internal and external thought leaders of all comfort levels to work with you
  • How to leverage thought leadership to maximize the amplification of content on social media
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Dean Delisle

Founder & CEO

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Humanizing Your Brand with Internal Influencers – Employee Advocacy 2.0

In the buzzing world of Influencer Marketing, it’s easy to overlook the obvious Influencers, your very own employees. In this workshop, we will cover the newest scope of Influencer Development, how to empower your advocates and convert them to influencers. Dean will discuss a methodology called “Social Teaming” to get employees selected, onboard and working together on behalf of the brand. We will cover how to connect your inside influencers with external influencers to increase engagement in a whole new way. There will be several case studies also presented, and you will have access to sample employee training materials, content maps, content calendars and other tools used to roll this out for your organization. This will be provided as a digital download after the session.

In this session you'll learn: 

  • Dean's system for managing the whole 8 step process, from start to finish
  • New ways to look at this rapidly growing strategy to drive your brand to the next level, from the inside out.
Taryn Gwinner- headshot

Taryn Gwinner 

Demand Generation Marketing Manager


How to Run an Employee Advocacy Program When Your Employees Don’t Use Social Media

Spoiler alert – not everyone is a social media expert. In fact, you may find that some, or even many, don’t use social media at all. Whether it’s out of fear, lack of understanding, or perhaps just general disinterest, if this is your audience, running an employee advocacy program that is driven primarily through social media can seem like an impossible task. But with the right approach, you can be successful and help empower your employees at the same time.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Learn techniques on how to gain buy-in for becoming an employee advocate
  • Acquire different approaches to drive adoption with a skeptical audience
  • Gain ideas on how to keep your social media novices active long-term


sam stone

Samantha Stone

Founder & CEO


Position Your Advocacy Program for Maximum Impact

You are positioning employee advocacy all wrong. I know this because almost everyone does. We set out challenges, and tell employees how much they help the company when they amplify our messages. Yet research and practical experience tell us this only inspires a fraction of our employees to share.
What if I told you there is a more effective approach? In this session, I’ll share a framework for turning advocacy from a challenge into an opportunity your employees will crave.

In this session you'll learn:
  • Why employees don't share 
  • What motivates employees to change their advocacy habits
  • How to leverage personal brand objectives to power your advocacy goals

Megan Conley



Pilot, Launch, Amplify - 3 Steps to Building a Scalable Enterprise Employee Advocacy Program

How do you build an enterprise employee advocacy program that is easy to deploy and scale? And how do you build a program that drives real, measurable value for your business from day one? Social Tribe solved these problems by creating a 3-phased approach to building an employee advocacy program for an enterprise tech brand. Whether you're building your process from the ground up or already have an EA program in place, this session will show you how to use a crawl, walk, run approach to deploying a scalable program across your enterprise that drives real, measurable results, and creates a positive impact for your business.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Pilot: Test the waters by starting with a small group of the most influential employees and test the program over a designated period of time
  • Launch: Learning from the pilot, you can gather analytics and data to deploy a launch strategy that empowers program expansion & ongoing advocacy
  • Amplify: Keep momentum growing and spread the advocacy program to extended employees who are interested in collaborating & sharing content

An Advocacy Program that Regularly Engages C-Level Prospects

Since 2015, WGroup has successfully used employee advocacy and content amplification programs to engage a C-level prospect audience. With a 7-figure direct revenue impact from over 7.8 million impressions, WGroup’s program achieves the goal of delivering meaningful revenue impact while helping to brand WGroup’s senior consultants as prolific thought leaders within the tight knit CIO community. In this exciting session, WGroup’s CMO, Domenic Colasante will share the keys to WGroup’s program, and will outline recommendations for creating a similar program at your organization.

In this session you'll learn:

  • A light-touch approach for turning your consultants into visible thought leaders
  • Types of content that have worked best in WGroup’s C-Level amplification program
  • WGroup’s broader marketing operating model from content creation, through amplification, to measurable pipeline creation

Jeffrey Bourque 

Digital Marketing Manager

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How to Implement and AMP Up a B2B Employee Advocacy Program

Believe it or not, not everyone at an industrial, high-tech, B2B company is high-tech and engaged, and boy, engineers are not social – in person or online.  So, how do you get everyone from the entry-level millennial engineers to the grey-haired CEO and Founder to participate? It can be done, but it requires using the right approach to your segmented audience members.  How you incent your leadership team to share on social is very different than with your mainstream engineers and certainly different than with those millennials.  It can be done, but it is far from simple.

In this session you'll learn: 

  • How to get your internal experts to become thought leaders on social media
  • How to create and deliver social content to your different segments – engineers, technical sales representatives, thought-leaders, and Leadership Teams
  • How to incentivize your teams to share on a regular and ongoing basis

Logan Mallory

Director of Digital Marketing


Skyrocket Conversion Rates & SQLs: Stop the “Sales vs. Marketing” Battle

When Sales doesn’t hit quota, Marketing is the first team to get thrown under the bus. Every company experiences the battle that can happen between the two departments…Sales blames Marketing for lead quality or quantity. Then Marketing blames Sales for not doing enough with the leads that were provided.

So how can you end, or at least reduce, that ongoing fight? A shift in perspective, personal interactions and a long-term focus are the keys to turning Sales into an ally.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Why a strong sales/marketing relationship is crucial for marketers
  • How to turn sales into an ally instead of an obstacle
  • Which Sales & Marketing interactions will help increase your conversion rates

Andrew Spoeth

Head of Marketing

Growing an Employee Advocacy Program from 300 to 3,000

Over the course of his time with software giant CA Technologies, Andrew’s team took a potent idea - social media advocacy - and made it blossom into a formidable program involving 3,000+ employees and millions of dollars in earned media value. He’ll outline the steps they took in their journey, and give you tips on how to apply these to your own marketing. 

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to overcome growing pains as you scale social media advocacy
  • How to keep your legal team happy 
  • How to make employee advocacy play well with other marketing functions within your company 

Kendall Hershey

Digital Marketing Manager


How to Grow a Grassroots Employee Advocacy Program

No executive support? No problem. Whether you are looking to start an employee advocacy program or grow an existing one, grassroots tactics can actually help. Let’s go through some actionable information you can use to gather data and prove a use case to your leadership.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Assessing your situation to understand how you can get started
  • How to recruit for your pilot and identify internal influencers
  • What the right metrics are to prove the use case