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Jesse Face Shot

Jesse Sumrak

Social Media Manager


From Inspiration to IPO and Beyond — Scaling Communications and Social Media

Startups, growth stage and public companies are universally challenged by the need to communicate with audiences effectively. Done well, and their messages engage their audiences, build and protect their brand, and drive employee engagement. From winning over a frustrated customer on Twitter to building a digital signage program and launching an intranet, this session will educate and inform attendees on how to scale corporate communications from the startup phase through the career-defining moments of the IPO process and beyond.
In this session you'll learn:
  • Building a communications team to scale with company demands.
  • Using organic social media and employee advocacy programs to effectively reach and engage with broader audiences.
  • Learning to leverage a variety of channels to communicate internally and drive employee engagement.
Taryn Gwinner- headshot

Taryn Gwinner 

Demand Generation Marketing Manager


How to Run an Employee Advocacy Program When Your Employees Don’t Use Social Media

Spoiler alert – not everyone is a social media expert. In fact, you may find that some, or even many, don’t use social media at all. Whether it’s out of fear, lack of understanding, or perhaps just general disinterest, if this is your audience, running an employee advocacy program that is driven primarily through social media can seem like an impossible task. But with the right approach, you can be successful and help empower your employees at the same time.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Learn techniques on how to gain buy-in for becoming an employee advocate
  • Acquire different approaches to drive adoption with a skeptical audience
  • Gain ideas on how to keep your social media novices active long-term