donald jones

Donald Jones

Lead Associate & Social Technologist

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Shifting Tides: How Booz Allen Transformed a 100+ Year Old Company to Empower Employees

At Booz Allen, everything begins and ends with employees. They needed them to feel connected to a collective purpose and share the company story. This was easier said than done. The majority of their employees work within the Department of Defense or Intelligence Community—making them highly risk-averse, difficult to reach during business hours, and not social media savvy.

Learn how Booz Allen developed a comprehensive approach as a part of their overall employee engagement strategy to get employees smart on social media, educate them on how to safely and effectively talk about work online, and provide them a tool to make it easy for them to do so. 

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How Booz Allen shifted employee social media culture from ‘risk averse’ to ‘safe sharing’
  • The mix of training and educational resources Booz Allen used to meet the diverse needs of a large employee and leadership base
  • How to leverage employee advocacy tools to reach dispersed employees and make sharing easy and safe

Chelsea Frischknecht

Influencer Relations


Developing a Global Amplification Strategy that Embraces Regional Differences

The more globally distributed a company is, the more disjointed their social media efforts threaten to become. How do you develop an effective, streamlined social media and employee advocacy strategy when your employees and audience are spread across continents and time zones? How do you craft culturally impactful social messages when every region reacts to the same message a different way?

This talk will address how Tricentis, a global B2B software company, used GaggleAmp to develop a cross-cultural employee advocacy program so effective, that it re-shaped Tricentis’ corporate social media strategy as a whole.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • A framework for developing a cohesive global social and employee advocacy strategy
  • How to apply cultural awareness to your social media without killing your messaging
  • How having established core message themes can save your sanity

Karin Aviles

Sr. Manager - Demand Generation & Field Marketing

direct energy

Develop an Effective Employee Advocacy Program that Drives Lead Generation

Marketing is increasingly recognized as a strategic partner in driving leads for B2B organizations. One way to effectively generate leads is through employee advocacy, but for an employee advocacy program to succeed, three things need to be true:

  1. Start at the top! Leadership must buy in and participate
  2. Content must have a purpose and address specific needs of your followers
  3. Employees, especially Sales, must be enabled

Learn how Centrica Business Solutions, a global B2B energy company, developed an effective employee advocacy program. All while launching a new brand in North America. 

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to gain leadership buy-in and sustain it
  • How to create content that will drive demand and keep employees engaged
  • How to enable and empower your Sales team
  • Bonus: How employee advocacy can help your brand steal the show at events
Kelly Shelton

VP of Marketing


How to Gamify Your Employee Advocacy Program the Right Way 


Over the last four years, Boostability has developed and refined an employee advocacy program that has transformed their culture and business. In this session, Kelly Shelton VP of Marketing will share all his findings, mistakes, and successes on how to engage, motivate and reward genuine employee advocacy. He will walk you through the setup, infrastructure, point system, management and strategy around a successful employee advocacy program.


In this session you'll learn: 

  • Proper infrastructure (set up, training, maintenance)
  • How to fuel consistent content creation
  • What it takes to get gamification right
casey hall

Casey Hall

Social Media Business Communications

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Best Practices for Developing a Content Strategy for Employee Advocacy Programs

While much of the discussion around employee advocacy best practices rightly focuses on program roll-out and adoption, it is equally important to focus on what content you will distribute through your employee channels -- ensuring that relevant and personalized messages are being provided to the right people at the right time. In this session we will discuss:

  • Using multiple content streams tailored to various employee types and their audiences.
  • Determining the proper tone and expertise level for content, subject matter experts may require much more technical content to effectively engage their audiences, while higher level messaging will better resonate with executives.
  • Using a strategic, iterative approach for employee advocacy content strategy just as you would for any other marketing and communications program.
Henry Bruce

SVP of Marketing


How to Relaunch Your Brand and Drive Employee Adoption in Six Months 

Company rebrands and product launches are notoriously complex and lengthy projects that consume marketing and company resources. Success depends on achieving company-wide participation, buy-in, adoption, and flawless execution across all market-facing departmental functions. 
Join Contently's SVP of marketing, Henry Bruce, as he shares how Contently designed, developed and successfully executed a rebrand and launch process in less than six months. 
In this session you'll learn:
  • How to create a top-down organizational communication plan and process to ensure that key company stakeholders embrace and socialize the new company brand and related messaging
  • Methods to strategically utilize cross-functional teams to develop marketing and sales enablement assets that are on brand and on message. 
  • How to leverage internal influencers and key subject matter experts in the content development and rollout process
  • Tips for developing training, certification programs, and relevant playbooks to ensure adoption by all sales, client support, and product management teams
Temeka Easter

Senior Director of Social Media


An Unlikely Duo: Sallie Mae and a Hip Hop Artist

A relationship between a hip-hop artist and a traditional student lender/bank? Temeka Easter, Sallie Mae’s senior director of social media, made it happen. Since assuming her role four years ago, she’s broken through regulatory restrictions and corporate reluctance to expand Sallie Mae’s social media footprint with campaigns that have helped create a more positive corporate view. 

One example is how she led the charge to forge a relationship with is Dee-1, whose hit song, “Sallie Mae Back,” dealt with paying back his student loans. After Easter convinced management that this partnership would be valuable, Sallie Mae sponsored a five-state “Knowledge for College” tour, where Dee-1 spoke to high school students about financial responsibility.  This campaign has won numerous awards during its two-year tenure.

In this session you'll learn: 

  • How Sallie Mae built its first award-winning influencer marketing campaign with Dee-1
  • Tips for working with your risk partners with an out the box idea
  • How to leverage your social media advocacy team to drive awareness and engagement
Steven Dickens

Global Offering Manager


Engaging Your Experts to Spread the Word!

Clients are increasingly growing weary of how social channels are becoming push based marketing mechanisms, where they are seen as adding the same value as billboard advertising.  In an overcrowded Twittersphere people are gravitating towards subject matter experts as a trusted source of knowledge and experience and are keen to here from the fountain of the knowledge rather than the company push based Twitter id. This session will cover how one of IBM's most prominent subject matter experts is engaging clients and driving meaningful engagement.  This session will cover first hand hints and tips from an SME who is not a marketer or social media lead.  The session will also cover how IBM is driving social media advocacy platforms to drive top line revenue.

Courtney Harwood

VP Digital Marketing

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Educating and Collaborating: How Xerox Expanded the Role of Social Media

In the ever-changing world of social media, internal education efforts have become increasingly important. In 2018, Xerox embarked on an ambitious campaign to bring countless colleagues and executives up to speed on the limitations, opportunities potential of social media. Their training course included lessons on the decline of organic reach, the power of influencers, the need for video content and more.

As a result, social media gained a seat at the table and partners with whom to collaborate. The effort paid off during Xerox’s most recent product launch campaign.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How Xerox educated colleagues on the power and potential of social media in 2018
  • Tips for bringing your peers, executives and employees into the social media fold
  • The increased impact social media can have when it has a seat at the table
Sameena Kluck

Strategic Account Executive


How Attorneys Can Elevate Their Business & Brand on Social Media

The old world of law firms establishing decades-long relationships with clients who pay whatever invoice is sent and send repeat business to their long-trusted outside counsel is over. Today, competition for corporations’ work is stiffer than ever with long-time counsel fighting many entrants on the market. Additionally, the path to partnership is taking longer than ever. Many attorneys are missing out on building both the law firms’ brand and their own personal brand through social media.the law firms’ brand and their own through social media.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why and how in-house legal folks are using social media
  • How law firm attorneys should engage with clients on social media
  • Different ways in which attorneys can engage with potential clients or leaders in their industries
  • Why associates can and should build their brand and show their leadership to their own firm leaders through social media.
kelsey kruzel

Kelsey Kruzel

Manager, Social Media

cdk global

Making the Impossible Possible: Proving Social ROI for B2B

Proving the ROI for social is a hard-enough challenge, throw in complex sales cycles in B2B and it seems like an impossible task. However, it IS possible to generate leads and social actions that result in a real, trackable return for your business. What’s better, is that you CAN track that return. Kelsey will walk you through how she built a process that can track value back to single posts or action.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate the value of social conversions
  • The tools and processes you need to track ROI
  • How you leverage that information to make informed decisions that continue to move the needle
Chad Berndtson

Director, Content Marketing & Social Media

palo alto networks

Educate, Not Police: Developing Employee Social Advocates the Right Way

Teaching good social hygiene to employees — let alone social media marketing and social selling — starts by reminding them they don’t live in a police state. But how do employees in a cutthroat industry full of FUD and trolls —like cybersecurity — learn to stand out, represent the company and brand themselves effectively?

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Proven techniques for teaching employees how to engage on social without falling into conversational traps
  • How to position with employees who say “my profile, my opinions, go away, corporate!”
  • How to gain executive buy-in for social enablement programs
Brent Korte

Chief Marketing Officer


Transformation Starts at Home

More than ever Marketing organizations are taking on the responsibility to help companies Innovate. Often, that requires transformation of capabilities within their organizations. From the digital imperative to mining deep insights and analytics, Marketing teams are moving are working very hard through the change curve that our industry is going through. However, what often gets overlooked are the associates and embedded culture within the company that might struggle with change and innovation.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Why starting at home, with a strong focus on your culture and your associates is crucial
  • The process of educating your associates on the "why" and then moving to the "how" for innovation and transformation

Michelle LeBlanc

Social Media Strategist


Your Employees Are Your Best Content Marketing Resource

In a recent survey, 91% of respondents indicated that they were doing content marketing, but 53 percent of teams were small or one-person operations. How can brands keep up with content demands? Turning to a free resource that already knows, and maybe even loves, your brand is a no brainer. Employees are authentic, they are intrinsically motivated, and they can be brand safe spokespeople in ways that no paid influencer could ever provide.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify and engage employee spokespeople
  • How you can use PR media training techniques to turn your employees into thought leaders
  • From real-life case studies of integrated social media and PR content programs using employee advocates